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Mar 4, 2021

thanks looks great

- Jason

Mar 4, 2021

We had a brief snow hiatus, so it was great to see Cassie today. She did a wonderful job and my house looks and smells clean again. Thanks Cassie!!! Sharon

- Sharon

Mar 1, 2021

Thanks so much for making our house sparkle and shine!

- Leighanne

Mar 1, 2021

Great job as always. Thank you Logyn!

- Maureen

Mar 3, 2021

I don't think our house would ever be clean without Alicia and Immaculate Clean. I look forward to cleaning day because it is the one day where the chaos is paused while we put the house back in order, then the chaos can resume. Cleaning is fast, fun and complete, then things are where they should be and floors, walls and surfaces are wiped down. Chaos is manageable. Thank you for your help. : ))

- George

Mar 2, 2021

It was fantastic! So ??? to have your service!

- Marti

Mar 1, 2021

Another great cleaning from Kayla!

- Krista

Feb 24, 2021

Kelly worked so hard today among all the outside construction going on. Her constant care is greatly appreciated.

- Stephanie

Feb 26, 2021

Both ladies were very pleasant and professional. They asked my expectations prior to beginning and encouraged me to inspect the home after they had completed. This was my first time and am looking forward to establishing a cleaning schedule in the near future,

- David

Feb 25, 2021

Great job Marsha! Thank you

- Kara