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Oct 16, 2019

Much better this time.

- Albert

Oct 16, 2019

I was home yesterday when the team came because I was in Labor and Delivery the night before with false labor. They were so helpful, even offering to get me more water and take my lunch dishes into the kitchen for me.

- Sarah

Oct 16, 2019

Very nice work! Thanks!

- Heather

Oct 15, 2019

Everything looked great! Thanks team!

- Jaclyn

Oct 14, 2019

Thank you!

- Katie

Oct 14, 2019

Didn’t take out recycling. Otherwise good

- Sarah

Oct 14, 2019

Very good job! Love coming home to a clean house!!

- Karen

Oct 14, 2019

Thank you! Only suggestion would be to get the radiator cleaner (v. Old home) or use ours! Everything looks so good.

- Theresa

Oct 14, 2019

Are we on a schedule that is every two weeks? Our next clean will be Oct. 28th, then Nov. 11th and 25th; and December 9th and 23rd. These dates are good for us. I have an event at the house on the afternoon of Dec. 2nd and want to be sure that there is not a conflict.

- Virginia

Oct 11, 2019

I am really pleased with how clean our master bathroom shower looks! Thank you!

- Debbie