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Nov 21, 2022

I’m extremely pleased with your team. The consistent high quality of your work has taken these tasks off my to-do list.

- Lauren

Nov 13, 2022

What a wonderful job! The leaves are blown to the curb, the grass was cut and trimmed. The last two men I hired could certainly use some of your expertise. Many thanks. I am sure my neighbors thank you as well. Looking forward to your continued service.

- Rosemary

Nov 12, 2022

I was excited when I heard the blowers had arrived Saturday morning. The men worked quickly as a team to get the leaves and pine needles into the front yard and out of the flower beds, too. Before the end of day, the huge vacuum arrived and the yard looked amazing! They did a final mowing of the lawn and now my husband is ready to begin Christmas decorations. Thank you, West County Landscaping for a full season of beautiful yardwork. Elit and Jose have taken great care of us!

- Coleen

Nov 7, 2022

The crew did a great job, very efficient, no wasted time. Leaves were moved to the street and a short time later they were back to vacuum them up. Thanks so much!!

- Cindy

Nov 2, 2022

Always a great job. Above and beyond for leaf clean up - I saw one of the guys picking up and putting back all the little fake moss pieces of my daughter’s fairy garden that blew away with the leaves. That is attention to detail!

- Faith

Oct 4, 2022

Great job. I go to the gym in the morning, and when I return, the lawn is freshly cut and looks wonderful

- Martin

Sep 29, 2022

They done a wonderful job. They even blew the leaves on my deck. I'm a senior and that meant the world to me. My last lawn service would miss cutting large areas in my yard. Your crew is very efficient with cutting and trimming. I would highly recommend your company.

- Lynn

Sep 19, 2022

They are always very friendly and go above and beyond. My two year old enjoys watching them and they always wave and smile to her which she loves. I have seen them blow grass off the kids swing set and toys and roll up our hose nicely after leaving it out from watering the grass. Would definitely recommend.

- Nick

Sep 9, 2022

Thank you as always for being diligent about closing the gate for my dogs. We so appreciate you all using the blower on the back deck. Thank you again for all you do!

- Annie

Jul 19, 2022

Came when scheduled. Work well done. Price seems appropriate!

- Mark