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Jan 17, 2020

Sarah is always happy and pleasant. She is a joy to be around. Her cleaning is excellent.!

- Charlene (St. Louis)

Jan 7, 2020

We left home in a hurry due to a medical emergency this morning. I left a pot of oatmeal on the stove, dishes in the sink, bed unmade, clothes on the floor. Didn’t have time to put laundry away. Left door unlocked because I knew Shannon was coming. When we got home, all was neat and clean, and Shannon had spotted a set of clean sheets with the folded laundry, so she changed the bed for us - not at all what I expected her to do. She made it look so nice. Emergency over, everyone is okay, and there was such a neat, clean house to come home to. Thanks, Shannon!

- Beth (Festus)

Jan 6, 2020

very professional and pleasant and did everything expected.

- Florence R. (Cedar Hill)

Jan 7, 2020

Did a great job. Thank her for me!

- Bob (Barnhart)

Jan 2, 2020

Excellent, as always!!!! :)

- Jennifer S. (Imperial)

Dec 21, 2019

I really appreciate Brittany! She is always prompt and does a great job cleaning my house to make it sparkle! She is very polite and professional.

- Jayne O. (Hillsboro)

Dec 19, 2019

Brittany did an amazing job! Thank you so much!!!!! Merry Christmas!

- Jennifer S. (Imperial)

Dec 9, 2019

Did a great job!

- Bob (Barnhart)

Dec 6, 2019

Thank you soooo much!

- Melissa (Bloomsdale)

Dec 2, 2019

She does a very good job. She is friendly and very respectful.

- Patricia (Barnhart)