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Nov 16, 2021

Both the techs were very good and handled all my requests

- Tim

Nov 17, 2021

Excellent Service. The yard look wonderful. Nate did a great job and was very nice and friendly.

- Paula

Nov 15, 2021

Thank you for the clean-up! Much appreciated!

- Billie

Nov 15, 2021

AIM did an excellent job for a Fall yard cleanup.

- Gerald

Nov 12, 2021

He made the front yard look great considering the fall season and the leafs and pine needles on the ground.

- Ed

Nov 8, 2021

After years of saying “next year we should hire this out” as we spent a full weekend raking and bagging the mess from our dozen+ mature trees, this year we finally did. The team worked hard, it took them much less time than it takes us, and my yard looks great!

- Rian

Nov 5, 2021

Joe was timely, efficient and did a continuous check to make sure lines were getting drained. Thanks for accommodating my work schedule.

- Janet

Nov 5, 2021

Very polite and called us when we were having trouble communicating on the ring doorbell since we weren’t home. Good job!

- Donna and David

Nov 2, 2021


- Mary

Nov 2, 2021

They came promptly to do winterizing of our system.

- Jenny